In view of the development of humanity through times....

In view of the explosion of POPS since 1900...

In view of the complete craziness and stupidity of Elites and Masses....

In view of the true nature of technologies, progress, growth, science....

In view of the fact that 99,999 percent of POPS became crazy and paranoid....

Tucker Carlson and his SHIP OF FOOLS

Pragmatic and abstract CRAZINESS  by Tucker Carlson

The best book ever about USA is the one of Tucker Carlson:

 "SHIP OF FOOLS - How a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of Revolution"- (NYT bestseller).

On the title we have the funny faces of

Jeff Bezos - Oprah Winfrey - McConnell - Newt Gingrich - Hillary Clinton - Bill Kristol - Junk Pelosi and Jew Zuckerberg.

ARTE - and China's Decay

TV ARTE and China of Xi Jinping

Recently, TV ARTE showed some stupid DOC about the coming power of China - lately under Xi Jinping - since about 30 years.

They pretended that China was on the way to become the greatest State ever in power, military, economics, influence and technology, higher as USA ever was or Europe - and there would be no way to stop this development.


8 Steps of Thoughts

Understanding intellect

or: 8 Steps of intellectual facts on Earth

8 Steps to heaven or 8 Steps to hell? The definition of intellect can go very queer ways, but most of studies about intellect are not worth starting the game.

This is a translation out of the German Book "CHAOS", published in the year 2004, Chapter  "Erkenntnis über das Seiende" (Understanding existence), article "Die Stufen des Denkens" (The Steps of intellectual perception). It shows, viewed from a philosophical standpoint of the author, how the Power of Thinking or of Perception could work in this modern times, in a real world, when the Chaos in human Existence has not yet reached its final stage.

End of Humanity

René Delavy


This is the State of Humanity in the year 2018

A proof about the future in the 21st Century

considering Every day's World - Systems - the Unknown


This world could be conceived as consisting of:

1. Chapter - Every Day's World of Humans

2. Chapter - SYSTEMS

3. Chapter - The Unknown

1st Chapter


This is the planet Earth as we know it in general:

It consists of all activities and news and history of all Times. All professions, all what normal people know about politics, culture, economy, ecology, progress and technology of Today.

This world is a complete CHAOS and all activities are made to destroy slowly our planet and the future of humanity - although all books and news pretend the contrary.

This FACT is proven by the comments under SYSTEMS.

What we conceive as happening in reality is a bluff, given by politicians and experts, who do only overlook about 10 percent of what in reality is destroyed every day, more and more at present times.

Water and Food

Humanity will die from lack of Water. There is no groundwater under Mega-Cities. By the next huge drought, they die per millions. In fact, by 2099 will billions be dead because of missing Water and Food and no God or Allah will prevent the disaster. These inexistent idiots will grin their heads off.

Sea sand

Towns and infrastructure are made of concrete (Beton). Lack of sea sand will let go rotten all buildings and infrastructure in the next 20 to 50 years.


US Fracking is slow suicide of USA and water reserves. Each drop of oil spread worldwide in billions of tons - driven by an explosion heap of pops - will destroy our climate and lead to terrible weather catastrophes in the next future.

Seldom Earths

Alternative energy depends on such material, becoming priceless very soon. Technology (also based on Seldom Earths) is the reason for our downfall to hell. Electro- and TESLA Cars are the greatest SHIT of progress, worse as Petrol- or Diesel Cars.


Atom works of nations will not be "built back" by trillions of Dollars. This would ruin all States. Death danger of AKW will remain for eternity where these are today, as SIGN of a deathly neoliberal shit-world - not recognized by the Apes of masses.

Energy Craze

Idiots want to maintain the illusion of a luxury world with 10 billion of folks. Now take what you want: Atom for death, coals and gas destroying climate forever, water destroying rivers, wind and solar energy using up all raw material for nothing - and future generations before 2050 can starve without any further chances.


Cash has no value. It is a belief like religions for a God. It will soon decay when banks tumble to hell like Domino stones. When the global and Jewish Crash of world finance industry, banks and States under neoliberal capitalism occurs, we shall learn that currencies were pure intellectual shit to destroy our planet and humanity in the 21st Century.


Capital gains are never taxed (realized and unrealized) and rich folks and companies prevent  taxes by help of 50 Tax Fraud States. Rich VIP and Enterprises do not pay their true taxes on worldwide income and live on cost of middle class and poor, being forced to pay taxes on any dime of income. This is the greatest injustice in the present reality of stupid neoliberal fake-capitalism.


Cars are cheap, airlines are cheap, computers are cheap, Cruise ships are cheap in 2018 - and they destroyed the planet and used up all resources. Weak intellect of folks is grounded and intelligence became cheap and already today, cheapness killed our future.

Computers and Digitalisation

A minor problem wanted by 90 percent of humans. Total control on individuals and consumption. Late change not feasible. Great number of professions will get down the drain without any other and new chances.


The explosion of populations going on and on, it is the major reason for the death of humanity during the 21st Century. No resources anymore for 10 billion of crazy idiots.


The model democracy is the most ineffective and stupid system of all sorts of governments. In times of dull majorities, above all in the USA, it is nothing but a "Dictatorship for dull majorities", unable to resolve the gigantic world problems of the future.


Death-Perpetrators for migration from Africa, Middle East or Mexico were USA, Israel, Switzerland, neoliberalism, WEF, Worldbank, IMF, AIPAC and worse. Those folks should stay at home and try the best instead of migrating to Europe or USA and organise an economic chaos. All religious Jews and Islamists should be exterminated from the face of the Earth.

GROWTH and Progress

The attempt to produce further growth in China and all nations will lead to killing humanity before the year 2050. It uses up all rest-resources, accelerates the climate collapse and together with digitalisation and progress and growth, we have the major reason for the forthcoming breakdown of our species in the 21st century.

Philosophy and Science

In all times, philosophy based alone on "Behaviourism" and human stupidity. Science tried to create growth and speed and founded the base for the final destruction of our planet and humanity in the 21st Century.


To prove this statement, look at my comments as to some of the most important Systems of today's humanity:

The present is under dictate of our idiotic systems, not by human behaviour.

2nd Chapter


1st Catastrophe - DEBTS in the World

Humanity has immense DEBTS in all Nations that can never be paid back.

This means: Our nations are in fact in bankruptcy.

Take USA:

It is meant that USA have debts of 20 trillions of Dollars. This is wrong:
USA have debts of 250 trillion, taking all 50 States, towns, rotten infrastructure, under-covered rental systems, Chapter Eleven, all not  covered mortgages on all real estate, the crimes of the banks etc. USA are dead and out, like China, Japan, England, Italy, Greece and even tax-fraud oasis Switzerland.

The whole world has debts of about 2000 trillion of Dollars,
nevermore to be paid back.

There are only 3 methods to pay back debts:

1st method - Debt-cut

This would destroy several times (highest accounting rules by Delavy) the assets and fortunes of the globe - method impossible to be implemented.

2nd method - Inflation

Same as deathly and stupid debt-cut - but over long period of time.

3rd method - Huge State profits

If tried and done, the neoliberal systems would implode. Nations can no longer try to produce State profits. The system would be tumbling to hell.

2nd Catastrophe - Neoliberal Capitalism

The mainly Jewish economists invented the system of neoliberalism,
to fight the communist system according to ideals of Thatcher and Ronald and Donald.

It produced rich VIP and great conglomerates, paying no taxes with help of the "Big Four", tax oasis, tricks and capital gains being not taxed.

Middle Class and Poor

financed alone the States and the infrastructure, used by the rich class for free. Therefore, those rich criminals have to be eliminated - just as banks, WEF and other destroyers of our economy.

3rd Catastrophe - DULLNESS OF MASSES

99 percent of folks are dull, paranoid, ignorant to systems, they are blind.

According to my "8 Steps of Thoughts" only step 1 and 2 are capable to understand your systems or read the future - about 10000 persons on our planet Earth. The rest is the mass of idiots.

4th Catastrophe - Explosion of Pops and Climate-collapse

The explosion from 2 to 8 billion of humans in the 20th century was the major reason for the coming final climate-collapse (not "Climate-change").

Each year more exponential weather catastrophes will occur:

- century droughts
- century floods
- super-storms
- and next to come: monster waves in oceans

and this will make life impossible towards the end of the 21st century.
Increase in world-degrees however is purely incidental and adds almost nothing to the future catastrophe. Our death will be our deathly and irrevocable weather collapses - idiots.

These FACTS are irrevocable and guaranteed.

3rd Chapter


The real World was never understood by 100 % of dull Folks on our Planet.

All our wrong-turned brains will never know what there are:

- The universe, the world, is there a God, where do we come from, what is life and death, what is infinity and eternity, what is time and space, what is a brain, an eye or whatever is not made by humans technology etc. etc.

To live in an unknown world, means to be a mouse in an AKW and believing to know God personally.


We understand right now that we know nothing and will die and starve during the 21st Century and there is no existing hope or any Plan B:

Our dullness and mistakes killed us - our humanity and our planet. The death-effects are irrevocable. By 2099 all will be done for all times.

René Delavy - Berlin and Bournemouth

Written on March 15, 2018

The Great Book of History

"The Great Book of History"

Recently I found again in my library "The Great Book of History" (Die Grosse Weltgeschichte) with about 1000 pages and 3000 photographs, covering all what happened since 4000 years before Christ and until about today.

I was astonished how I knew about anything about geopolitics, culture, arts, technology, evolution, progress, growth, crimes, wars, destruction of folks, religions and philosophy and so on, all seemed to me familiar and well known.

Perpetrators and their eternal Losers

Perpetrators are Heroes - and their Victims only eternal Losers

Human history will always be the same for eternity: The powerful perpetrators, the slaughterers, the generals and their dictators, the real killers and warlords etc. can do what they please, always they will be the final heroes in their Nations, in history books and in the searching systems on Internet as well as in all media of this cynical world-system.

And all their miserable victims, of all ages, will be dead, killed and tortured in atrocious ways, all over the planet. And this nice model went on for thousands of years. And never the real perpetrators were arrested and punished for deeds done in the "interest" of states or individually, always they were the ones who escaped, after arranging any sort of slaughtering and amnesty for doing so.

Orwell World - Electro Cars

Electro-Monsters - 10 times worse as AKW

One of the greatest crimes of humanity was the creation of AKW (atom energy). Now the building-back of AKW will prove to be 10 times more expensive as the creation, but the deadly ultimate effect can never be taken out of the future.

10 times more crazy - are the new ELECTRO-CARS: 

They will prove to be some of the major TESLA-stupidities never to be corrected, 10 times more effective in destruction as petrol or diesel cars and using up for all times any seldom earths you could imagine.

And those 2 crimes are just the PEAK of the iceberg of 1000 human stupidities of modern PROGRESS...

Finance Industry - 2019 is 10 times worse

Jewish Bank Industry - 
2019 is 10 times worse

All idiotic media pretend that the situation with banks too big to fail, namely in the USA, was much worse in 2008 as it would be in 2019.

The contrary is true. The Catastrophe of 2019 is 10 times higher as per 2008.

World Accounting Rules

"Highest Accounting" - World Accounting Rules

The Author

The only author to have written in several books and articles about "highest accounting" could only be some René Delavy.

This is fact since this person had not only audited any sort of conglomerates, banks, insurance, communal entities, but also been a consultant in taxation and organisation of companies all over the globe for 30 years.

Macron au Pouvoir - La France en Faillite

Macron au Pouvoir - et la France en Faillite

Quel comédie, quel théâtre - tout autour de Macron Président - un second Charles de Gaulle de France - à ce qu'il parraît...

Et le danger de droite de Marine le Pen et du Front National serait donc seulement une histoire du passé composé.

Tous les médias du monde croient que le pouvoir serait une affaire de politique, tandis que les Juifs et les bankers criminels et les chefs des banques nationales ont fait de sorte, que les Etats Unis, l'Angleterre, le Japon, le Brésil, la Grèce, l'Italie, l'Espagne, le Portugal, Irlande et autres sont en faillite depuis longtemps.

TAX CRIMES - Crimes of OECD - IRS - EU Commission

Politics and Crimes of international TAX FRAUD

by Big 4 - OECD - IRS - EU Commission and Switzerland 

OECD knows well that any tax agreement with Switzerland is not worth the paper of the contract:

1. Switzerland will NOT inform about criminal and illegal Tax Fraud they find, but deliver some indicatives of minor cases - as usual. The big matters will be hided to the disadvantage of all countries - USA and Europe and else.

2. But the major thing is, that 90 per cent of Tax Fraud and Evasion in Switzerland is based on LEGAL contracts with persons, companies, banks in the international field.

Marine Le Pen - Discours aux Français

Marine Le Pen - Parler aux Français

Voilà, ce que Marine pourrait dire à la Population française:

Etes-vous des riches, êtes-vous des billionaires ou milliardaires, des exécutifs de grandes sociétés et des banques trop grandes pour laisser tomber?

Vous êtes des ouvriers, des employées, des paysans et des femmes travaillant dure -  de la classe moyenne et des pauvres - qui êtes forcés de payer tous les impôts de l'Etat.

Tandis que les conglomérats, les banques, les personnes riches ont leur paradis des impôts en Suisse, Luxembourg, Delaware, Singapore, Hongkong, les Caraïbes et autres. Ceux-là ne paient presque rien, tandis qu'ils volent votre argent par des salaires ne couvrant guère votre train de vie.

US white World TRASH

USA as the real "TRASH"-Land of the Globe

Based on "White Trash" of Nancy Isenberg

Same goes for "The Sellout" of Paul Beatty

I read the book of Nancy Isenberg, pretending that always in America, existed some sort of "White Trash".

This is true and all her examples in history are best of literature. But she covers not one percent of the worldwide truth - about human Trash:

White Trash in America

It is right that there exists a class of white trash in the USA. But this is true for all 200 nations of the globe. The difference is that some nations have a social net, whereas in the USA it is the politics of the Republicans to let die the lower classes and make artificially rich the upper class of breed-specific idiots, having for sole GOD only cash and profits and growth and all fortunes alone for the upper percent.

FAKE Antisemitism of Lipstadt

FAKE about Pro-Semitism in USA, Israel and the World

You should read the book "Antisemitism Here and Now" of Deborah Lipstadt and learn all the fine matters about the spreading of ideas against the Jews and against Israel - in USA, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Greenland.

It is proven once more that females cannot think logically and properly. Never any woman has written a book of sense and value.

It's a shame WHAT Deborah Lipstadt does not mention.

Masses going to kill Rich Class

The Masses will kill the Rich Class - soon

All Oligarchs and richest Junk und Jews in USA and Russia and China and Europe will be killed by the masses who have been driven in Slavery from 1990 to 2020.

There will be no mercy, no acceptance of some "giving back" of what those SCRAP PEOPLE on TOP have stolen to 99 percent of the world POPS.

Just notice that all the powerful criminals like Trump, Murdoch, Schwab, Obama, Zuckerberg, Amazon, Goldman Sachs - and all bankers of Wall Street and WEF participants must be killed and wiped out from the face of the Earth for all times.

In no place in the World or USA, there is a difference in Favour of the rich class against the masses - politics of both republicans and democrats, left and middle and right-wing parties of servants of the richest CASH, short before the bankruptcy of all banks and States - and all those poor folks have been driven into a total blindness and stupidity - and no way will ever drive out of this deathly tunnel.

They have destroyed our Earth, the future of humans, brought to an end our planet and any sort of non-stupid and idiotic democrazy and therefore, there will be NO excuse - when the masses kill all Junk tax-free SHIT in Japan, China, Africa, EU, India and USA.

Got it - poor Idiot?

René Delavy

November 2018

Echo from a friend and professor:

Very relevant article about oligarchs. In fact, they were responsible for the rise of demagogues-whether Hitler and Mussolini or Trump and Putin.

Principles of "Highest Accounting"

Principles and Rules of  "Highest Accounting of Delavy"

By writing this text, I will have proven the imminent destruction of all banks, insurance, conglomerates and nations like USA, China, Italy or Germany - in fact of the world's economic existence in future.

Our world is lost in any respects: Finances, economics, culture, intellect, religions, geopolitics, nature and ecologic conditions on Earth.

But concentrating on World Finances and the coming breakdown of all nations, banks, currencies and capitalism, we have to know about the Laws of "Highest Accounting" written by me.


Famous "Black List"

General Line:

This is a listing for people who dispose of very little intellect, who - seen in the long run of human history - will prove, to have been zero numbers.

It is around the year 2000:

When the collapses and catastrophes predicted by this writer in economy, ecology, politics and culture have shown the true face, the masses will wake up and ask for the "Perpetrators" to be named.

Niggers and White Scrap

Black and white POWER - USA dead

You may know Paul Beatty, the US writer of novels and poems.

There is zero chance that he will change just one jota to the miserable lives of the Niggers in the USA,  whatever he writes.

But this is not anything to be crying about.

Since the White Power under Donald Trump and Obama is on the way to die away in misery and USA goes down the drain right now.

Mont Pelerin and WEF Davos

Mont Pelerin Society of Jews and WEF

When the Jews of the Mont Pelerin Society met first over Montreux on the Lac Leman, the idiots had the first and most important Maxim of all:

"We must be successful in introducing our neoliberal and Jewish Shit in the world, as rapidly as ever possible, and so we must arrive at getting idiotic 99,99 percent of humans. When we succeed, we can have free markets without State Controls, rich Jews at Wall Street, in China and the rest and misery for slum folks and tax-freedom for the Rich Class."

Shrinking Technosphere

Dmitry Orlov - "Shrinking the Technosphere"
Our real World of danger and risks

One of the most intelligent men on Earth tries to bring JJ Rousseau's "Back to nature" in a dying world of the 21st century, short before all systems may crash forever.

But this man - like 1000 other rather stupid authors - just does not get, in what world we are living today.

Therefore let's explain, where we are since about the year 2000, point of no return:

CHINA - No EXIT in Sight

CHINA - without emergency EXIT 

(published 2009 in WorldNews)

China is breaking into pieces like Japan before - but 10 times worse - very soon.

Part I - CHINA - without emergency EXIT

CHINA - short before its downfall? This scenario seems not to be likely.

All republican media are full of praise: China, the only land that could escape downfall of capitalism. Great! Still growth, still consumption, still export increase, still cash and reserves, still rotten rivers and lakes, still exploding deserts, still purchase by trillions of foreign resources and land outside China.

Economics of States versus Private Economy?

Interpretation of Economics

It is without any interest if WHO destroys a Planet and the given Systems on Earth.

Look at the problem of Economics, Taxation, Finances, Ecology - as a whole, and you understand just everything:

1. State versus Private Finances

The question was lately, who is responsible for the complete downfall in Finances on the whole Globe - the governments of States or the private Banking System. This is a stupid question. Here the facts:

Guilluy - NO SOCIETY

Critique sur Christophe Guilluy - "NO SOCIETY"

Normalement, j'écris des critiques en texte libre, selon mon impression de la qualité de l'oeuvre.

Le livre "NO SOCIETY" est excellent et il n'reste rien à rouspéter sur son contenu.

Mais voyons de quoi il s'agit en lisant mes notices, écrites dans la marge des pages:

Cher Monsieur Guilluy: Où est l'avantage d'une masse de classes moyennes? Ils consomment comme des fous, ils emmerdent la Planète en moins que 50 ans et utilisent des call centres, Facebook, Amazon, des navires de croisière, cheap airlines et ils ruinent tous les eaux et matières premières en peu de temps.

Criminal Mark Zuckerberg

Overpressed Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? Do you know the Jewish WEF participants? Do you know Auschwitz? Do you know Guilluy and the disappearance of Middle Class? Do you know the Jewish crimes of Israel, banks at Wall Street and City of London, the Swiss legal tax fraud for the rich class and the Jewish power in raw material companies in Zug and Geneva?

You know nothing and therefore you have to learn:

Hit-Parade of world Media

The best Media of the Globe

The Problem

From time to time we all face a HIT-PARADE of the meant "best Media of the Globe", of USA, of Germany or Switzerland.

Always the best Newspapers or Journals or TV Stations are in fact the most miserable, but to understand this true FACT, you Idiot should read this message here - and wake up for all times.

Money of zero Value

The Value of Money - The Prize for the Prize


In all my literature, I pretend that 99,99 percent of folks on Earth have gone nuts and don't get, not to be normal. They have become paranoid and schizophrenic, without knowing - why.

The election of TRUMP was not an accident but the true result of people in USA and else having become nuts to the greatest possible extent and those low brain existences are just now destructing our planet for all times.

One element of this is the "Value of Money" - and some other is the "Prize for the prize".

Henry Trump-Himmler

Henry Trump-Himmler (HTH) and the Jews

HTH the real one

Yesterday I saw a documentary about the life of the real HTH with name of Heinrich Himmler out of Germany.

It was amazing how much material they had on TV ARTE in form of films, photos, letters, papers and so on about the life of Heinrich Himmler since his birth until his suicide in 1945.

Exterminate the Guilty ones

Exterminate the Guilty ones

After reading the book "Poor People" of WT Vollmann, an American writer and left-wing intellectual, you can only feel lost and helpless for all times.

WT Vollmann asks for more Growth in economics, more industry in poor areas, better UN care and NGO interventions, in other words, this man wishes interventions to increase the future misery of humanity. In fact, he cries for the DEATH of humanity in the 21st century for all folks on Earth.

Death of Media Folks

Should German Media be shattered?

Should Media be shattered?

This is the most crazy thing ever heard: Why should Spiegel, FAZ, Zeit, ARD, ZDF, TV ARTE and some other stupidities be shattered?

There is not one single reason. The times of Hitler and the holocaust of Jews are passed long ago and the German Media are high up over the quality of U.S., Russian, Polish, Chinese und French journalism, not talking of the Shit of Murdoch and Berlusconi.

There are no reasons to kill any Newspaper, not even Wall Street Journal, Fox TV, Media Set of Berlusconi or the Palin Journal or BBC, CNN or WorldNews or Pravda, there is simply no reason in the world, to arrest all Media folks of the globe in order to torture them to death in the next Mechanic School.

Hmmm, when we decide to kill and massacre all Jews, all Bankers, all Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Xi, Singh, Lula and Berlusconi including the 7 Dwarfs of Berne, it will be the correct moment not to leave out one single idiot of today's Media World.



- Greatest religious and criminal Bullshit

Explaining the World and the Jews

Without understanding the activity and the guilt of the JEWS from 1945 to 2015, it is impossible to discuss the WORLD FINANCE CRASH starting 2006 and ending terribly about 2018, to get the reasons for the breakdown of economic systems on the basis of effective grounds. When it is forbidden for historical reasons (Auschwitz) to study the role of the Jews in finances, the conclusions about origins and effects about collapses in general can be forgotten for all times.