Errors in Democracy and Human Rights

Democrazy kills us per Automatism


In an Essay, some clever Constantin Seibt of TAMEDIA in Zurich was pretending:

- Our funny understanding of capitalism first would have brought some banks into bankruptcy. The States had then to save those banks and their criminal investors by the tax money and got as a result of such idiocy themselves into bankruptcy. By the end, these procedures would have killed "democracy" - because the programs of AUSTERITY were of a nature to bring the blood of folks to heat, due for nations going down in figures in endless deficit spending. Some program of GROWTH however would have had the effect, to overcome the present downfall in finances and democracy of the Western World. Therefore, politicians would be less intelligent than the completely stupid masters of the press. This, my interpretation of Seibt's genial act.

Naturally this theory is NUTS - because it's in reality exactly the other way round:

The principles of DEMOCRAZY or of "Dictatorship of dull Majorities" allowed it, to elect the most stupid heads of societies to power. Those arranged the Junk-Jews at Wall Street and City of London etc. to develop the craze of Finance Crimes of Neo-Liberalism to the extent, to result in a catastrophe ending in the fact that by the end all banks will get into bankruptcy. In order to prevent the downfall of world finances, all governments of the rich and powerful decided, that the perpetrators, the investors, the Jews, the bankers must be saved from their Crimes, with the Tax money of middle class and poor. And the outcome was as wanted by Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and Berlusconi: By doing this, the rich JUNK and Jews were saved, but the national deficits exploded and resulted in huge unemployment and New Poverty in USA, Japan, England, Greece, Italy, Spain and by the End for all Western Countries.

But this was only the Overture to the Play: Because the only way out of the disaster was in fact AUSTERITY (surprise, surprise!). But because the masses and elites of folks are completely paranoid and crazy, they thought that further destroying the future of the planet by program of GROWTH would be a good idea, along the idiocy of Karl Popper and Milton Friedman, saved by the End by John Maynard Keynes. This is what happened, when our Globe is governed by complete idiots and WEF-VIPs. However, in fact this was the reason for the whole Breakdown of World-Finances from the start and all banks and nations of the World will disappear in a hole of disaster from 2006 to 2018 - and nothing can stop this collapse-procedure - not austerity can do it and not growth to death can do it.

But let's explain the background of the odd principles of DEMOCRAZY:

The General Rule of Media and Politics

Did you get the general Rules of Journalism in our World?

All goes around today, with Media and their paranoid Masses, about WHO will get political power and who or what party should be elected next time. Not one person can see, however, how this is totally NUTS and of zero importance. It hides the truth about what effect politics have on real life, where all is a Allah-damned Fairy-Tale of nuts, when "Behaviourism" dictate the general rules of Existencialism of humans, of nature and of our planet as a complex and chaotic system.

The question is not, if USA would get bankrupt if for example taxes for rich Jews would not be levied - the question is alone, seems it to Media and Masses, whether rotten Republicans or stupid Democrats would take over power in the White House. All the comments of all Media of the World turn around persons and power in politics instead of the great catastrophes to come with finances, economics, culture and ecology.

However, the system of Self-destruction of our planet do not ask, if it would be favourable to be killed by Democrats, by Tea Party, by Pirates, by Republicans or by the Jewish Shit of Wall Street - our world simply goes to hell and tears with it all of politicians, scientists, Jews and bankers, students and all house-wives with shit in their little brains, due to overall stupidity of our Elite and their masses of believers.

However, dear and sick Reader, please do not expect, your Media would see all of  these effects, they only can see under dictate of Murdoch and Berlusconi, how VIPs act like higher Apes, and wonder about the question, WHO of the Crooks will get the "power" to bring 300 millions of idiots in the USA down to HELL - and same goes for the rest of 6,7 billion of FOOLS.

The useless Effects of Politics

In former times, humans had some Kings, or Queens, or Masters of Universe, or Dictators or a class of better-off junk to govern the great masses of folks, the ever same masses of idiots, without any rights, except to be sent in the slaughtering of battles and wars or be killed by religion under fire or stones, especially when having the bad luck to be born as girls.

Came the idea of DEMOCRAZY and this was meant to bring power to the masses of folks over the above named idiots of VIPs. This was the dirtiest TRICK of all times in human History:

- The masses should decide about the things to be done in nations, banks, society or philosophy, in microcosm alone of daily life, but never in the macrocosm of abstract functioning of systems in favour of the ONE percents against the 99 percent of poor folks.

Exactly THIS was a great LIE and funny NUTS in all times of Democrazy:

- The masses were convinced to vote for Hitler, Mao, Stalin, JFK, Kissinger, GW Bush, Ronald and Thatcher, Merkel and Berlusconi, Singh and Xi and Lula and other Scrap of mind, having less knowledge of the functioning of the world-theatre than any child of age of 3 years. In other words, those idiots did the same as the Kings and Masters and rich Jews did before from Jesus Christ until 1789, only in a more cunning and lying way of procedures.

And thus the rich idiots stayed rich and tax-free and they only had human rights, because the masses never got, how the governments and parliaments had always been in the hands of the Upper Class, of Jews, of "higher families" and therefore never ever, Democrazy made something to maintain our Planet not to get exhausted in the interest of the richest Class, not to kill our climate and weather-machine in 100 years of time, when the banks and nations were going into bankruptcy by the crimes and theft, done by the high Class of Jews, Christians, Islamists and other assholes having all privileges in a WAR of the upper one Percent against the rest of 99 percent - and today, finally, Middle Class goes back to the Poor Class, as predicted since 1975 in the scripts of Delavy.

And therefore, the stupid 99 percent never got how they were instrumented into the principles:

"Only the most idiotic calves may elect their butchers for President or Prime Minister"

And the funny thing about Democrazy was, that not even those Presidents got really, how they were creeping in the assholes of the rich Class, the Jews, the finance Boys at Wall Street, City of London, Joe Frankfurt, Swiss Bankers Bahnhofstrasse and the WEF Davos Crimes in favour for the investors possessing alone and exclusively high CASH - and when the game in Las Vegas, better known as Wall Street was over, the tax cash of Middle Class and Poor had to pay the bill, before all banks and nations went down to Hell, again first on the account of workers, employees, peasants and name me the non-Jews and other poor idiots, having "made" the rich and powerful Class of less than ONE Percent of folks, without Ethics and without a brain to calculate their end result - to say their evident own DEATH oath.

Democrazy and Terrorism

In a DOC on TV ARTE some Chiefs of secret service in Israel were telling us, to what extent their politicians and all Presidents of Israel since Golda Meir were terrorists, and judging the freedom fighters in Arabia and telling us lies, when pretending, Arabs would be the real TERRORISTS in their own lands.

It is the eternal question about the interpretation of Freedom Fighters and Terrorism.

For sure the Israelis were always the terrorists having come against all rights into the Middle East and the Arabs were the Freedom Fighters. And this leads us to the following questions:

- Were the 9-11 Arabs terrorists, USA believed so - Were Negroes and Red Indians terrorists, USA believed so - Were Iraqis and Afghans and Vietnamese terrorists, USA believed so - Were Jews and RAF terrorists, Germany believed so - Was Wilhelm Tell a freedom fighter, Switzerland still believes so - Were Hitler, Tenno and Mussolini some freedom fighters, Germans and Austrians believed so - Were Pinochet and Videla and Stroessner freedom fighters, USA and Europe believed so - Were types of Serbia terrorists, Europeans, Croatians and Islamists believed so - Were the Jews of Wall Street provoking world finance Crash freedom fighters, Israel and USA and Europe, all broken down to the bones by Jews, still believe so until this day ---

And so we can see how NUTS are Israelis, Amis and European intellectual Scrap, in view of interpretation of what is Democrazy, what are freedom fighters or merely terrorists, when those with power and cash, still are the real JUNK of the present globe.

Terrorists are always those, attacking the order of others on minor grounds and disastrous lies, using superior power to destroy - and therefore having the opinion of Western Press on their side. The result will always be that this sort of power will result in the total destruction of the aggressors, to say of USA going bankrupt and Israel thrown in the Mediterranean Sea.

Why Democrazy and Freedom kill humanity by automatism

The principles around Democracies suffer like the principles of rotten Human Rights, Justice and Freedom under the error of humanity, that those principles would be some of higher ETHICS for all of society Members, when it was valid only for the VIPs. What a shame, those VIPs in their Greed never got, how they were working against their own interests and were since 1800 completely wrong in philosophies:

- "Democrazy" is nothing but a funny game for the Elite to bring the masses to the point, they would fulfil the expectations of upper class in maintaining their richness and power - and therefore the folks must be kept down and very stupid - as was already the program of the Catholic Popes before the Reformation. And by the end, the most idiotic government system of all, the Dictatorship of dull Majorities in CAPITALISM, brought exactly in function those POLITICS that in shortest period of times did in fact kill the planet and all systems made by humans - starting about 1800 and ended by disappearance around 2099.

- "Human Rights" are something for the Dictators, the rich Jews and Bankers and the Cash-World of Politicians. Poor folks (inclusive Middle Class) had never any human rights. Whereas it is made a fuss about the Human rights tribunals with Dictators having killed hundred thousands of folks, to prove what could have been seen on TV for many years, and give them luxury in their villas like with Pinochet and Videla and Kissinger - the "normal folks" had to go into JAIL for nothing and were forced to taxation, when the rich Class had masses of experts to get away without taxation.

We can see what idiot were MARX and MACHIAVELLI - both pretending to understand the way classes work, when they only guessed about some minor principles:

- "Freedom" always has been the principle for the rich Class alone. All Governments of the Globe arranged that the rich VIPs will have all LEGAL RIGHTS and 100 Tax Paradises, to pay no taxes and be saved when they speculated to death the Cash of nations. But the "Freedom" of the Middle Class and the Poor was, to save those JUNK SACKS and JEWS by being forced alone, to finance all States and therefore to see finally huge State Deficits in USA, Greece, Spain, England, Germany and in fact even in China and India - killing by the end our societies (inclusive rich Class) by the craze of neo-liberalism and Cash Belief as sole GOD.

Therefore the ideal of Freedom, human rights and democracy was in all times a mean for the richest idiots and politicians at power, not only in Italy, to steal all Cash from the common folks and run into next Jewish Bank to depose it against the interest of nations and the 99 percent.

This was from the start the AUTOMATISM of Liberalism, being the major part of the principles of Keynes, Milton Friedman and Karl Popper - and since 99 percent of folks and thinkers and modern philosophers have no brains anymore, this truth never got down to the brains of common folks, paying the bill for such a idiocy of capitalism.

In order not to let notice the tricks of the Class of rich and powerful, it became some fine MODE to put all crimes on socialism and communism, to deviate the brains of the 99 percent from the perfect truth about the deadly idiocy of Neo-Liberalism and Capitalism, both having ended in the perfect storm of self-destruction by banks and nations, going now into bankruptcy for all times.

Why the paranoid folks cannot "read" this truth?

For me it was always a miracle, how the obvious RULES of the rich and powerful class of crooks could never be "read" by the poor and normal Class of the Middle. Already as child being surrounded by a dog and some sheep, this was normal thinking for me and I believed, the other 99,999 percent would understand our world in the same way. It took me 60 years before I got, to be surrounded by fools having no intellect at all - including all VIPs without inner values.

For sure, Karl Marx had some idea about an ethical behaviourism of folks in the interest of the mass of people. Unfortunately, he never took into account the blindness of the masses, wanting to be governed by the "bright" idiots on level slightly above Hitler (see my 8 Steps of Thinking), giving the impression of knowing more than the dull and dependant average. And thus some criminal elements like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and other Hu and Wen and other Ronald Junk destroyed the basis of principles of Karl Marx.

And because Soviet Union collapsed before the completely unethical System of Capitalism, the powerful class of the Cash-World had all power of conviction, to tell common folks in the West, including Japan, China, India and South America, that by adopting a criminal ARTS of democrazy, neo-liberalism of Chicago and WEF School would not produce some Vietnam, Argentina, Chile and other higher holocausts, but only prevent by tickle-down Effects of NUTS the repetition of the Auschwitz holocaust on Jews.

This was the dirty trick of the dirty JEWS to get all power in USA and Israel and Switzerland, to install a system of playing Las Vegas with all the savings of the workers, consumers, employees, short the working Class, in order to develop a Class of Rich JUNK to be tax-free by Parliaments, governmental tricks and the politicians living like Kings on the pockets of those being forced to State tax payings, alone valid for the idiots of Middle Class and the Poor.

The trick however became only evident at the time, when the whole building of criminal Capitalism broke in pieces from 2006 to 2018 - and by the end, either the Class of Workers will wake up and massacre the perpetrators, or they run into the next collapse, the one of World-Economics, based on the paranoid stupidity of the 99 percent - and finally, the ecologic collapses to come will make very fast an END to Humanity - from now on to the final year around 2099.


The Conclusion also can be: The blinded masses of folks really wanted - by INSTINCT - a fast end for humanity, based on the holocaust done to other folks, to natural humans of minor importance, being the price to pay for the holocaust on billions of animals, the destruction of nature, of lands, of oceans and of the total geo-sphere of a planet, starting with the cash and technology ORGY around 1800 and having accelerated the TGV by greed and ideal of deadly growth of technologic self-destruction, since those early times around Darwin, Adam Smith and Huntington and other inventors of crazy ideals around Democrazy - especially having come to perfection from 1975 to 2025.

After this date, there was no force anywhere on Earth to stop the Popper and Friedman-TGV, running according Duerrenmatt into a tunnel and then accelerating down in a Hockey-Curve, downwards to hell, not of any God or Allah or the 3 Hollinesses of Popes, to say Jesus, Maria and the holly ghost of Mohammed, just wanted by higher FATE in order to stop the definitive downfall of all Systems of Cash-Democrazy, sent down by our fine Elite and War-Masters, down to eternal silence, down to a stupid world of Hell around Mad Max - all ending by the destruction of a Species (including a whole Planet) by free will or by wanted stupidity.

Who today, except me in my books, can tell what should have been done to prevent the final death of humanity, gets right away one million Dollars in his hand just now.

There is no risk for me to lose money, because the general dullness of the 99 percent proven in my literature, plus the criminal power of the dirty Jews, bankers, politicians and their slaves, the well-known Dynamite Asses, better expressed as being our funny ass-creepers of Scientists, literary skunks and philosophers with shit in their brains, had from 1900 to today become so overwhelming that never ever you should expect - dear reader - a better text on DEMOCRAZY than the one you had the honour to be reading just NOW.

The only question of interest for me and my study of human "Behaviourism":

- Was it from the start the INTENTION of higher humans to be on the side of stupid criminal VIPs having the cash and the power of Casino Players - or was it just pure DULLNESS, so to say the natural fact of an IQ of Higher Apes not developing in areas, where any child of 3 years could have understood that since many decenniums, the way of humans was nothing but a "Road to Hell"?

René Delavy - Berlin and Bournemouth

written on March 9, 2013